If you want to buy the Induction cooktop you have to must see this review about the best induction cooktop under 3000 in India

Somehow the gas cooktop flames is less than 2000 watt induction cooktop & the induction cooktop is easy to install, just unbox the box and plug the wire into socket and here the induction cooktop is ready to cook. It is also noted that the utensils are also friendly of induction top and when we put the utensils on the glass of induction cooktop, the electromagnetic waves transfers the current to hot the utensils like pan, non-stick tava, aluminium induction bottom kadhayi to make food. The Gas Burner waste half of the gas to make food, boil water

It is very easy to make food on induction cooktop that’s why Indian home makers are using the the best Induction Cooktop under 3000 in India

USHA Cook Joy Induction Cooktop (39% OFF)

(3616) Copper Sealed

  • It is fluctuation resistant up to 1500 volt
  • You will se the 5 Indian pre set Menu like Boiling milk, Frying, Idly, Curry Etc on the glass of Usha Induction Cook top
  • You can programme your cooking up to 3 hours and use the function of auto cut-off and pause.
  • Usha uses technology of overheating stops it means when your induction cook top is over heated it will automatically shut off
  • the power usage of Usha Induction cooktop is 1600 watt and 230 volts

Pros & Cons


  • Its has Pan Sensor Technology
  • It has zero waste of power, Electricity


  • if power outage held, you can’t use Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Induction Cooktop (58% Off)

1800 watt power usage

  • It has 7 segments of LED Display for cooking food like dosa, idly, Milk etc.
  • Pigeon make this cooktop with high grade electrical that protects from short-circuits
  • Their is an in built smart timer for smart and free cooking
  • This cook top only works when any cookware kept on the top of the induction- this shows safety standards
  • Cord of pigeon induction cooktop is 1.3 metre

Pros & Cons


  • Make your food at very fast pace
  • It is easy to use and value for money


  • Their is a repair charges if any problem occurs in future

Below you find the Top Pick of Best Induction Cooktop under 3000 in India

Top Pick

philips viva collection hd4928/01 2100-watt induction cooktop

  • Buy Today and get 46% Off

Philips came with a good and heavy duty electrical induction cooktop in which you have 0 to 3 hours time setting for making food. On the top of Philips viva collection induction cooktop you get touch start button and customized menu for Indian dishes like roti, gravy, dosa, pressure cooker, etc. you can start your cooking from 100 watt for slow cooking to 2100 watt for fast cooking in this Induction cooktop.

Top Pick

Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button

  • Buy Now and get 40% Discount

There are 10 LEd display with buttons on the control panel of Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watt Induction Cooktop. It has in built automatic voltage regulator that ensures the voltage output and for better performance. you have no need to adjust power for different foods because e it has built in chipset for automatic power adjustments for different foods. These types of Induction cooktops use minimal energy to make foods and they are environmental friendly.

Top Pick

Havells Insta Cook ET-X Induction Cooktop, Black 1900 W

  • Buy Now and get 40% OFF

Havells Insta Induction Cooktop uses 1900 watt and power input of 220V-240V with auto shut off. The sensitive touch display of Havells Insta Induction cooktop shows pre-set 7 Indian dish Menu with 0 to 3 hour time of cooking. The 8 different cooking modes are for controlling the temperature and power setting. It is easy to clean and also environmental friendly.

Top Pick

Bajaj Majesty ICX Pearl 1900W Induction Cooktop with Pan sensor and Voltage

  • Buy Now and get 48% OFF

Bajaj is an Indian Brand and it already entered in kitchen appliances. This Bajaj Induction Cooktop shows 8 pre sets Indian Menu on this sensitive digital touch display. It has some functions like automatic power shut off, pre-set timer, on/off soft touch button. It is built -in Pan Sensor technology which saves ample of power

Below you find the table and a list of 15 Best Induction Cooktop under 3000 in India

S. No.Induction Cooktops
1.USHA Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Copper Sealed Induction Cooktop
2.Havells Insta Cook RT 1400 Watts Induction Cooktop -Black
3.Pigeon By Stove kraft Acer Plus 1800W Induction Cooktop
4.V-Guard VIC 25 Induction 2000-Watts Induction
5.Amazon basics Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts
6Prestige PIC 14.0 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop 
7.V-Guard VIC 2.0 EX 2000 Watt Induction Cooktop
8.Preethi Trendy Plus 116 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop
9.Everest Elegant 2000W Induction Cook Top
10.V Guard Induction Cooktop VIC 07, Black
11.Bajaj Splendid 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop
12.PIC 20 Copper Induction Cooktop with Push Button 
13.Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop
14.Prestige PIC 1.0 V2 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop
15.Bajaj Glass Majesty ICX-3 1400W Open Heating Induction Cooktop 
Conclusion & Some things before buying the Best Induction Cooktop under 3000 in India
  1. The Induction Cooktop is made up of good quality.
  2. The utensils you are using are of plane surface in bottom and kept on induction cooktop to make food.