Some of the best Room heaters available are:

  • Solimo 2000 watt Room Heater
  • Orpat 1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater
  • Bajaj Majesty 2000 Watts Room Heater
  • Maharaja Whiteline 800 Watts Room Heater
  • Zanibo ZSH-1180 Sun Heater 800W Room Heater

Room Heaters Buying guide

we had provide the best room heaters reviews

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000W Fan Room Heater

About this item

  • It is ideal for a room size of 250 sq. feet but it makes some noise due to fan.
  • It is the Indian Room heater hence it has long life due to the reason of heavy copper wire motor.
  • The Orpat Fan Room Heater’s Plug type is 15A, do not plug in the standard 5 or 6A socket, you may require a 3 pin plug or extension cord to act as a 5-15A convertor but can not be used for long time with extension cord.
  • This room heater is a long life heating element therefore no sagging or stitching will be held.
  • It has a good feature like automatic power cut off to protect overheat.

Main Highlights of Orpat Heater

  • It is a Fan type 2000 Watt Room Heater
  • It has 4.1 stars out of 5 with ratings of 31000+
  • It can run continuously 7-8 hours without any problem. (mainly in night)
  • if you are short on budget and don’t want any expensive room heater then buy it it will save your money and will serve the purpose.
  • Do not use extensively

2. Solimo 2000-Watts Room Heater

About this item

  • It is available in two colours like Beige & White
  • Solimo Room Heater gives effective heating with copper winded motor
  • It works on 2400 RPM with the Power of 2000 Watt
  • It is light weight with 1.15 kg and it is easy to carry with its handle
  • This Room Heater has a safety fuse and it triggers when the heater reaches temperature of 126 Degree Celsius
  • The plastic body of Room Heater is fire retarded & features a metal grill which keeps the metal and aluminium Purely Locked in.

Main Highlights of Solimo Heater

  • This Room Heater has 4 Stars our 5 with 10k+ Ratings
  • This model Fan Speed is fixed, not regulated by knob
  • Good quality materials than Orpat and other local heaters out there
  •  It is OK to use in 1000 watts on any plug in
  • There are two knobs a) Temperature control b) Heat setting

3. Bajaj Majesty 2000 Watts Room Heater

About this Item

  • The Bajaj 2000 watt room Heater gets you Instant warmth and this convector room heater ensure your comfort during chilly winters like January
  • You can customised to your heating needs with an adjustable thermostat on two heat settings
  • Featuring auto thermal shut off and a thermal fuse to prevent overheating
  • It acts in multi tasking as in winter it is Room Heater and in summers it will be a Fan
  • It comes with 2 years warranty therefore it is reliable and they are dependable

Main Highlights of Bajaj Majesty Room Heater

  • Bajaj Majesty Room Heater comes with 4.1 out of 5 with 1000 Ratings
  • It has two adjustable settings 1000W/2000W
  • The plug provided is too big, it fits only in 16 Amp. Power sockets
  • It’s relatively safe compared to quartz or halogen heaters 

4. Maharaja Whiteline 800 W Room Heater

About this Item

  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Elegant design, Easy to Carry Handle: Yes
  • 2 heat settings: 400/800 watts
  • Easy to carry and safe tip over switch
  • Quartz tubes with ISI marked
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts
  • Includes: Heat Converter, Manual and Warranty Card

Main Highlights of Bajaj Majesty Room Heater

  • Maharaja Whiteline room heater comes with 3.8 stars out of 5 with ratings of 398 people
  • The two switches for the two coils are easy to reach and easy to operate for older people
  • Its heating tube may be fuse fast as the Quality issues
  • Makes the surrounding warmer in mins

5. Zanibo ZSH-1180 Sun Type 800 Room Heater

About this item

  • OPERATING POWER of zanibo room heater is (400W / 800W)
  • Its has the topmost safety Feature is It will automatically shut off when you pick it up or tip it over
  • It will also automatically shut off if it gets too hot.
  • This room heater is not returnable only replaceable
  • The space heater is the best choice whether you are at home or in the company, you can place it anywhere you like.

Main Highlights of Zanibo Room Heater

  • This room heater has gained 3.7 stars out of 5 with ratings of 43pleople
  • Adjustable heater
  • Tip over switch to prevent fire
  • Build quality is very low
  • It attracts but works not as shown

Good and Bad Things of above Room Heaters

The Good

  • The Best heaters according to our study are 1) Orpat OEH 1220 room heater 2) Solimo 2000W Room Heater
  • Both the Room heaters are of good quality

The Bad

  • Maharaja whiteline and Zenibo ZSH-1180 are not upto the mark
  • They have quality issues