Hello Guys today we are discussing Best Refrigerators Under 15000 In India April 2022

The average temperature of India is 25.78 degree Celsius and the summers in India has huge impact on water, fruits vegetables, beverages etc therefore Refrigerator is the need of every family of India. Whether it is lower middle class, middle class, or upper middle & Rich people. In 1995 many home makers thought that buying refrigerator is the pride and joy moment. But time is changed now, one of the three Indians owns refrigerators. Today we are coming here with verities of best refrigerators under 15000 in India April 2022.

The range of refrigerators starts from 15000 to 2-3 lacs. But today we would like to discuss the mid size refrigerator which has the title of best refrigerators under 15000 in india

Whirlpool Star Inverter Refrigerator

Comes with Inverter Technology

  • It is spacious as you can put the 3 big 2 Litre bottle in rack
  • This fridge give you 9 hours of cooling retention after power cut
  • Comes with large vegetable or fruit crisper that extends the life of your herbs.
  • This refrigerator has 4 star hence it gonna save your electricity by 4 times
  • Capacity of the whirlpool refrigerator is 92 litre.

Product Details of Whirlpool Best Refrigerators under 15000 in India April 2022

  • Vegetable Crisper comes with honeycomb moisture lock in technology
  • if you buy this refrigerator you will get a best chiller that will make your ice-creams, milk & chocolates at the optimum chilled level
  • When your home is going out of power it will automatically connect with your inverter and deliver constant and same cooling like on power.
  • You can easily clean your airtight gasket by opening the door liner hence fungi and bacteria can’t make your food unhygienic
  • Hence this is an inverter based technology there is not need of stabilizer this will cut your cost of 2500 to 3000

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • It is colourful from out side
  • Auto connect to the inverter

The Cons

  • no cons found

Whirlpool 190 L Single Door Refrigerator

3 star for saving power

  • It comes with pre made Sapphire Radiance, Base Stand hence no need to buy extra stand
  • This refrigerator came with 2 dedicated racks one of 2 lite bottle and other is 1 litre bottle
  • It comes with a new age insulated capillary technology that makes your compressor more efficient
  • Vegetable or fruit basket makes your fruits and vegetable keep them fresh

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Refrigerator

Direct Cool Single Door

  • Samsung refrigerator comes with 2 star power ratings and it capacity is 192 litres
  • It has a freezer capacity of 25 litres delivers a rapid cooling to chilling ice creams
  • The shelves are made up to toughened glass and bear a weight of 175 kg per shelve
  • It has a brighter lamp and deep bottle space door guard
  • Refrigerators food capacity is 167 litres out which is good space of a family of 5 people
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Haier 195 L Direct Cool Refrigerator

4 star Refrigerator

  • This Refrigerator make your Ice in just 1 hour because of its direct cool icing technology
  • Its capacity is 195 litres is suitable for a mid size family like up to 5 people
  • Hair released with 4 star it means it only takes 130 Units in whole year
  • The PUF insulation comes to make better cooling in even low temperature
  • It is a stabiliser free operated machine

Godrej 185 Litre Single Door Refrigerator

Direct cool Technology

  • Energy ratings are 4 star it means it only takes 123 Units in one year
  • The refrigerator is made in India and comes with home inverter technology
  • The shelves are made up of toughened glass and bear up to 150 kg of weight
  • Its colour is Aqua blue giving you positive vibes in your home
  • It is in the Category of Best Refrigerators under 15000 in India April 2022 came with anti drip chiller technology

Samsung 192 Litre Single Door Refrigerator

Direct Cool Technology

  • The Digital Inverter Technology made compressor adjust its speed in response of cooling demand
  • You will enjoy greater efficiency, less noise with long-lasting performance
  • This refrigerator can run on solar power also
  • Safe clean back is a vital cover for its internal components
  • It has a energy efficiency ratings is 3 star, freezer capacity is 25 litre & Refrigerator fresh food capacity is 167 litre

Friends above we had share some ideas about the Best Refrigerators under 15000 in India April 2022. One thing I want to tell you that all the refrigerators somehow same in look from outside and also work on same principle. But some of the refrigerators are very good and work in Indian houses
Please comment here which one of the refrigerator is chilling your vegetables and fruits in your house.